Discovering the North treasures

7 days / 6 nights | 4.931.500 Ar per person on a 2 people basis (excluding flights) |

From Antsiranana, also known as Diego Suarez, until Ankify, a small section (255 km) of diversity, in landscape as well as in wildlife, is awaiting you. A trip in Madagascar’s colors, highlighting the cultural richness and the multiplicity of the northern population, the Sakalava and the Antakarana.

  • Discovering the wonders of Antsiranana (Pain de sucre, colonial monuments, market …)
  • The smallest chameleon in the world
  • Tropical rainforest with its birds, lemurs, waterfalls
  • The Tsingy of Ankarana
  • Experiencing a unique Bush Camp accommodation
  • Cocoa and ylang ylang route (collection and preparation)

Welcoming at the airport. Then your driver-guide will take you to your hotel. Time to freshen up and he will come back to take you for a city tour of Antsiranana (Diego Suarez), capital of the Big Island’s north. Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) is home to the third port of Madagascar. With the recent island’s subdivision into 22 regions, it is now the capital of DIANA region which includes Diego Suarez, Nosy Be, Ambanja and Ambilobe. The second longest bay in the world (156 km) after Rio de Janeiro is also found at Antsiranana (Diego Suarez). This city has also an interesting architecture, shaped by its glorious colonial past. So the program includes a passage to the soldiers tomb, with a detour to the local market abounding with organic and fresh products. Stop in Diego Bay well known for its “Sugar Loaf”, discovering the Marine hotel, the Joffre site to observe Cap Diego, the Jacob Mosque, the busy port, or of the ancient city. Lunch at Allamanda and back to your hotel. By late afternoon, possibility to watch the sun setting over Diego’s bay. Night in half board at the Grand Hotel.


Early pick up at your hotel to reach the Amber Mountain’s National Park. There’s no lack of adjectives to describe this site: “biological treasure”, “true water tower”, “human-impact-free site.” You will discover a profuse and complex nature: intriguing shaped plants such as orchids, ficus and canarium, but particularly the smallest chameleon in the world called Brookesia Minima Tuberculata. The lemurs are not left out: crowned lemurs, mouse lemurs, Eulemur fulvus … You will also meet plenty of birds. The site also has many waterfalls: the Sacred waterfall, Antomboka waterfall… Lunch at Henriette’s. Heading towards Irodo to marvel at the “Red Tsingy”, an erosion evolved into fairy chimney. Laterite has been sculpted by wind and rain in a geologically short time and gave rise to these spooky and unforeseen formations. So beautiful to look at! Unique to Madagascar !! To discover absolutely! Back to the Grand Hotel for the night, half board.


Pick up at your hotel in the morning, depending on the state of the tide. Driving towards a beautiful coastal road unveiling Diego Bay, the Sugar Loaf and the French Mountain, and which will lead you to Ramena. There, a boat will take you to the Emerald Sea, a natural aquarium lagoon with turquoise waters. A site of an almost surreal beauty. The shallow water together with a sandy bottom gives a turquoise tint to this rarely visited small inland sea. Picnic lunch on site, then back to Ramena. Arrival at your hotel in the late afternoon. Night half board at the Grand Hotel.


After breakfast, you go to visit the eastern part of Ankarana Park. These prodigious karst formations so typical of Madagascar erect in front of you, impressive and sharp. Extending over several kilometers, scores of rare fauna and flora species evolve in their canyons. Captivating environment to discover along the “Benavony” circuit. You will also walk on a suspension bridge, guaranteed small strong sensation! Lunch at Aurélien’s at the park entrance. Overnight stay with half-board in Iharana Bush Camp.


Iharana Bush Camp is located quite near to a majestic Tsingy massif which is accessible after crossing a lake. Sail aboard a traditional pirogue for a small 20-minute. During the Tsingy Tsingy tour, take first a short climb to reach the lookout. Along the trail, admire different plants with amazing shapes: pachipodiums, orchids … You will also meet coronatus lemurs. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes view at the lookout, you can even view the Mitsio archipelago in the distance. Continue along the ridges and be amazed by the “Chameleon’s Cave”. The entanglement of roots, stones and earth make up a startling set. After half an hour, you will come out of the cave to quietly leave the mountains of Tsingy. Picnic lunch. Night half board at Iharana Bush Camp.


Very early departure for Ankify. Stop at the Millot Plantation on the way to visit the fields and distilleries. The Plantation, also called Cananga, will not only give you an overview of the cocoa’s journey before export, but also an idea of the genesis of perfumes and 100% organic essential oils of Madagascar. A top fragrance journey through fields of Ylang Ylang field, Palma Rosa, Vetiver or Patchouli. Come also to know the plantation’s enriching story from Lucien Millot, the founder. Lunch on site before driving to Ankify to board to Nosy Be.


  • All durations are announced only for general information purposes and may change depending on weather and road conditions.
  • Evasion Sans Frontière is committed to providing you a tailor-made trip. Thus, each of our walking tours can have a different intensity to fit your desires. For experienced hikers, click 3 hikers on the booking form.
  • If you want to customize this program, please feel free to tell us your needs. Evasion Sans Frontière, we are there for you.
  • Four wheel drive car(s) with driver and fuel
  • The guide
  • Lunches during excursions
  • Sites and parks entrances
  • Nights half board
  • Water bottle / person / day tour
  • Beverages with meal for D4
  • Fins, masks and snorkels for D4
  • Boat transfer for D4
  • The boat for D7
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks except J4
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